Online Fundraising: Slowly but Surely

Let's face it if you are an organization that is actively fundraising, you probably have some strategy for online donations. From the creation of the donate now button to email donations and mobile apps, more and more resources are being devoted to attracting online donations. Even though this technology has been around since the late …

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The Most Important Questions

A video has been embedded into this blog post. While I was at INTIX in Baltimore this year I was invited to give a couple of presentations on their Inspiration Stage, a mini-forum for exchanging ideas about topics in our industry. This first presentation was about The Most Important Questions Your Organization Should be Asking. …

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From Artist to Administrator: David Walker

Increasingly opera companies are turning to the very artists that perform on their stages for assistance in running their organizations.While these artists are focusing their talents on providing artistic consultation still others are using their talents to improve an organization's bottom line. David Walker is one such artist who has transitioned from the operatic stage to the Managing Director at Palm Beach Opera.