CRM Solutions – A Few Lessons

A video is embedded in this blog post.

A decade ago CRM solutions couldn’t be found in the performing arts unless you were a large performing arts group that invested in a very expensive solution that came out of the Met Opera. Fortunately, today there are a lot of CRM solutions out there. Some a good and others are lacking.

At this year’s INTIX I was invited to talk about my experience as a CRM user and the lessons that I learned in my organization. The most important lesson is that not all CRM solution are equal. It is not about putting data into them, it is about getting data out of them through reporting. This is where most CRM solutions demonstrate their weaknesses. My rule of thumb is this: if takes you longer than five minutes to get an accurate report out of your CRM, you are wasting your time and lots of money.

Here’s my presentation. Enjoy!

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