Episode #004 -Indianapolis Violins

shapeimage_1In the performing arts world there are those who perform for audiences in concert halls,
as a soloist or musician in an orchestra. Behind the scenes there are an equally important group who possess the expertise  to maintain the instruments those artists play. I’m talking about the role of luthiers. These craftsmen design, build and repair string instruments.

In our latest conversation we spend time with Chris Ulbricht and Ted Skreko luthiers at Indianapolis Violins and professional violinist Laura Barcelo. We talk about the craft of being a luthier. How the instruments that we have come to know in the modern orchestra came into being and the role that technology is playing in their craft.

Episode #004 – What is a Luthier? A conversation with Indianapolis Violins

Show Links

Indianapolis Violins

Violin Making School of America

The Red Violin Official Movie Trailer

How Its Made: Violins

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