Episode #002 -An Interview with Stage Director Eric Einhorn

I’m thrilled to have as my guest stage director Eric Einhorn on 10 to Curtain. As one of the foremost storytelling stage directors on the operatic stage today, Eric has managed to find a work life balance that includes a staff position at the Metropolitan Opera and directing stints  in some of America’s best regional houses.

In 2012 Eric founded Onsite Opera in New York City to be a company specializing in producing lesser known operatic works in site-specific productions. Now in its sixth season Onsite Opera is branching out and collaborating with partners such as Atlanta Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago and Pittsburgh Opera.

Join me for an interview with stage director Eric Einhorn.

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Show Notes

Here are some links to the companies referenced in today’s show.

Onsite Opera

The Metropolitan Opera

Lyric Opera of Chicago

Pittsburgh Opera

Kelly Rourke Librettist

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