Episode #001 – So you want to be an agent?

k-cowdin-croppedI’m excited to have as my first guest the President and Artist Manager of Sempre Artists  on the 10 to Curtain Podcast.

Kristin is one of the new generation of artist managers building a roster around the boutique agency business model. After cutting her teeth with the likes of Barrett Artists and later Barzilay Artists, Kristin formed Sempre Artists in September of 2016 to put her stamp on providing a forward thinking ingenuity to artists at every stage in their career development.

In this podcast we’ll talk about the role that artist managers play in the ever-changing arts landscape. We’ll spend a little time on the concept of what it means to be a boutique management agency and what that means to the artists that they represent. We’ll also talk about how arts organization are innovating to redefine audience tastes and the role that both artists and their artist manager play in this dynamic process.

https://www.podbean.com/media/player/bsmmq-65c059“>Link to Episode #001 – So you want to be an agent?

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